"Spring Rock Show"
Sat. April 5, 2008 1-3pm Boerne Town Square

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Students perform in the Boerne Town Square for the "Spring Teen Blast" April 2008

sponsored by the Boerne Public Library. *THANK YOU! Constance Keremes, Youth Librarian.

Also, special THANKS to Brian Loggins for sound, Donald Linnell/instructor,guitar & stage tech and Darrelle Hankins/instructor & MC!

Timmy/bass, Emily/vocals, Alan Miller/vocals, Maggie/vocals, Ryan/guitar, (hidden)Cy Torgerson Jr/drums

Garrett, Sam, Alan & Cy

Emily Rose nailed it!

Emily's brother, Timmy on bass. Talent runs in the family!

Jess/guitar, Alan Miller/vocals

Jess on guitar, she really is amazing!

Maggie /acoustic & vocals (beautiful voice)

"Wild Man" Garrett Bryant performing his own original, acoustic & vocals, with full band back up. It really rocked!

Garrett Bryant with his girl friend, whom I assume he wrote the song for!

Will on guitar, playing "Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd

Will/guitar, Sam/bass

Thomas/guitar, Katie/bass

Ryan on guitar

Katie & Jess having fun helping out back stage in the shade.

Katie on bass. James in the back ground thinking "she's really hot"

And she is!

Brian Loggins, providing the most important service, SOUND!

Thank you for all you do, for us and your son!

Cy Torgerson/ guitar

Garrett and Sam rocking out!

Garrett Loggins/guitar

powered by Mountain Dew...while various students take turns, Cy is the constant drummer for all songs. He's been referred to as a Mini George Rains, and we really appreciate his support.




Alan Miller, Katie & Thomas

Jess, Sam, Cy II, Alan, & Cy Torgerson

Garret Loggins/guitar,Sam Snavely/ bass (also an instructor), Alan Miller/ vocals, Cy Torgerson/ guitar& Cy Torgerson Jr/drums. April 5, 2008

Emily, Thomas/guitar, Timmy/bass

Emily on acoustic and vocals

Alan Miller/vocals, Cy Torgerson Jr. /drums

Maggie, Emily/acoustic & vocals, Katie/bass

Maggie/acoustic & vocals, Sam/bass

"Wild Man" Garrett Bryant.

Will/guitar, Alan Miller/vocals, Cy Torgerson Jr. /drums


Sam Snavely/bass instructor

Ryan/guitar, Cy Torgerson Jr. /drums

Katie/bass, Jess/guitar

Jess on guitar

Alan Miller rocks on vocals! (even if he did have to spend the night with three cats that he is allergic to the night before. Poor Guy!)

Cy Torgerson/ guitar

Garrett Loggins/guitar, Sam Snavely/bass

Cy Torgerson Jr/drums

Cy Torgerson Jr. and Anna taking a break.