2010    Chris Watkins, Wayne Wilson, Jerry Doyle & Cy Torgerson


                                                                                                Fiesta Texas, San Antonio 2011


                                                                                                                Late 1980's to early 1990's  'CPR'

Circa 82' L to R: Ronnie Sparrow-Bassist, Robert Salinas-gtr, Mary Lynn Barnett-voc, Brian Meissner, Cy Torgerson-gtr, Bill Geyer- drums


Having fun, not an easy shot with the help of our friends at Fiesta Texas when we were "Carpe Noctem Sound." 2000

Marvin Huff, Cy Torgerson, Emmett Smith & Graham Warwick.

Little Comfort Sympathy Orchrastra 2004 warming up at the old school house in Warring.

Cy performing at the Little Comfort Theater production in Warring..................Mr. Magoo the shop cat.

"And Band" spelling lesson
The original BGP House band, Cy with "Iggy Starbucks & the Crabs from Uranus".
Cy Jr, Mark Sheridan & Alan  Miller   2004

Mark & "pseudo" Mark 2007. Bassist, currently at the Chicago School of Arts.

Real Proud of you Mark! Good luck!

                                                                                             Cy "Tom Petty" Torgerson Jr.                                One of our first BGP shop guys, Donald Linnell                          


                                                                                                      Cy & Karen Torgerson at Casbeers     2003                                               Karen Torgerson & Dawn Sahm

                                                                                                                                                  Dawn Sahms birthday!

                                                                                                  Cy & Karen Torgerson, Dawn Sahm, Augie & Sara Meyers & Mr Shawn Sahm  2009


                                                                   Karen Torgerson and her cousin Connie Nelson Oct. 2004     Karen's cousins  Ken & Steve (Willie Nelson family roadie)

Karen's sisters, Nancy & Terry with Ken back stage Willie Nelson show


                                                                                                        Cy & David Williams trading off at Steve "South" Normans Guitar-B-Q 2006

Old Shop: Nov. 2001-June 2012

Moving across the street to the New Shop at 265 N. Main #C  June 2012

Spot Barnett

Gizmo "one spur" 2001


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