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Students perform in the Boerne Town Square for the Fall Rock Show November 16, 2008

sponsored by the Boerne Public Library. *THANK YOU! Constance Keremes, Youth Librarian.

Also, special THANKS to Richard Gorham for running the sound, amist all the glitches we had it was a great experience for all!

residing shop dude, Thomas Stoneking

Tim and Brad

Sarah Riggs on Bass, Samatha Givens (vocal coach) with Emily

Sam Snavely (bass instructor)

Samantha Givens (vocal coach)

Garrett Dunlap lead guitar on
"Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin

Ryan Love

Alan Miller (vocals)

Alan, Sam and Maggie

Tim and Brad

Cy Torgeson Jr.

Christpher Condit

Emily Rose

Emily and Sam I am

Garritt Loggins

Jorje Palomo (bass and guitar instructor)

Maggie Parkman performing her original

Maggie and Sam

Trevor Brown

Ryan Love and the other Sam

Cy Torgerson Jr.

Emily and her posse


Maggie Parkman sitting next to Constance Keremes, our angel Youth Librarian

Garrett Loggins, photo by Constance Kermes

Christopher and Tim, photo by Constance Kermes



















our very first shop guy and talented drummer, Trevor Brown

Thomas, Tim and Sam

Thomas Stoneking

Sam and Sam

Sam and Emily

Ryan, Sam and Thomas

Trevor Brown


Alan and Maggie


Brad Blackburn

Cy Torgerson


Sarah Riggs and Garrett Loggings

Maggie Parkman

All eyes on Ryan doing a lead from Metallica "Enter Sandman"

Ryan Love

Richard and Linda Gorham

Alan and Tim doing the Metallica "Enter Sandman"

Tim nailed the "now I lay me down to sleep part"

Anna keeping warm

Maggie and the Parkman family

Jorje Palamo, photo taken by Constance Kermes

Alan Miller, photo by Constance Kermes

Emily Rose, photo by Constance Kermes